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Flat earphone
Bluetooth earphone
Dynamic headphones
Gaming Headset
Small earplugs


USB microphone
Hi-res microphone
Wired microphone
Communication microphone


Wireless transceiver


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UP- conn is a manufacturer on products of LAN connector, Discrete, Transformer, ISDN transformer, T1E1 transformer and connector for ADSL, Modem, Hubs, 

News activities

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming
The footsteps of dreams will be reunited, and the Mid-Autumn Festival will be reunited. In order to help employees enjoy a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, strengthen communication within the company, collect staff wisdom and draw a better future, a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was held on September 11, 2019 with the theme of "Heart to the Moon, Paint a Perfect Moon Together", wishing you a happy festival and family reunion.
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The difference between headphones and headphones
Wrap Range Difference: The earphone can cover the whole ear, but the earphone is just stuffed into the ear.
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Headphone suppliers provide high-quality headphone gifts for children and businessmen
Earphone factories like to create gifts according to people's needs. The company's headphone gift consists of many elements, each of which aims to arouse the emotions needed in the hearts of the recipient. It's not clear what really touches people: emotional packaging, functional souvenirs with logos, companionship, comfortable materials. But we always try to be perfect.
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